blue knights fall 2021graphic
Ordering Information

2021 Event T-Shirts

Pictured to the left is the logo design for the SRC Fall 2021 event T-SHIRTS. *Shirts will be a premium light-weight soft cotton, dark grey in color, and feature the logo design on the back, an additional logo on the front pocket area, and a flag design on the sleeve.

The below link can be used for separate orders of event T-SHIRTS by event attendees. Event T-SHIRTS should be ordered with your full event registration, however, T-SHIRTS may be ordered separately for those that failed to order with their initial registration or those that wish to purchase additional shirts. The availability of additional t-shirts for purchase at the event will be very limited.

T-SHIRTS must be PICKED UP AT THE EVENT, they will not be shipped. T-SHIRT orders must be placed no later than SEPTEMBER 1, 2021.

*shirt style and color are tentative and subject to change.