Six Gap (Southern Loop)
Saturday, October 2nd

Ride leaves from the Unicoi Lodge

Staging: 9:30 AM
Riders Briefing: 9:45 AM
KSU: 10:00 AM

Road Captain: Jerry Cook

Mileage: 77 (round trip)

(Includes The Wolf - Georgia's Dragon)

Map (area)

Six Gap Ride Printable Map

Map (directional)

Six Gap Website

Two Wheels of Suches Website

This ride gets its name "Six Gap" because it passes through six (6)  mountain “gaps”. The entire route is a figure 8 approximately 100 miles long. The southern loop is 35 miles and the northern loop is 38 miles. Four of the gaps are at points where the Appalachian Trail, stretching from Georgia to Maine, crosses the roadway. [Read More]

The Six Gap ride offers scenic mountain backroads and some challenging twisties. This ride will focus on the Southern Loop. The ride includes Richard Russell Scenic Byway, US Hwy 129 (Blood Mountain), GA Hwy 60, and "The Wolf" also known as Wolf Pen Gap Road, and GA Hwy 180. The Wolf, being approximately 9 miles, has been called Georgia's Dragon because of its twisty curves and switchbacks. There will be a rest and a lunch stop at the world-famous Two Wheels of Suches (TWS) Motorcycle Resort. Enjoy lunch or just relax by the creekside. Fuel is available near TWS in the tiny mountain town of Suches.